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All this time you've been sleeping with the wrong kind of pillow.

Are you a side sleeper?
Do you toss and turn at night?
Do you wake up with neck pain?

Maybe it's time you tried a pillow designed specifically for side sleepers.

How does it work?

Rolling or turning while asleep with standard pillows can lead to your head and shoulders turning in opposite directions. This can lead to next strain, hampered breathing, and sleeplessness.

Our curved shape gives you the support you need for a good nights sleep

The unique curve in our pillow allows it wrap under the head and around the body. This shape supports the chin and minimizes shoulder rotation to prevent neck strain.

Adjustable Firmness

Adjust our side sleeper to the exact firmness that best suits you, by adding or removing the removable latex and polyester filling. Just unzip the side and take out some filling for a softer feel or add some for a firmer feel.

Superior quality

Our pillow is made from the highest quality materials available in the bedding industry today. Made in California, USA: Made by American workers who are paid a living wage.

The outside fabric is easily removable for washing and is made of a combination of 42% organic cotton and 58% polyester. The pillow filler is 82% Dunlop criss-cross and 18% OEKO-TEX® polyester fiber.

Worry free materials

Toxin-free manufacturing: No more laying your head on chemicals at night!

Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and mildew-proof: Helps to keep the germs at bay while you’re sleeping.

Dust-mite resistant: No creepy-crawlies will take shelter in your pillow!